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Father and Son
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A resource and support network for family day homes

Our Mission

Day Home Dreams is a rapidly growing organization offering support, resources, and connection for Canadian day home educators and those who support them. We provide professional development opportunities, targeted support, resources, research, and advocacy for all Canadian day homes, include licensed/registered and private/unregulated programs. We aim to build strong collaborative relationships with existing agencies and organizations across Canada, to strengthen the current early learning and childcare system and amplify day home educator voices. We are actively building connections with day home agencies, early childhood organizations, and educators across the nation. If you are interested in connecting, let us know!


We dream of day homes that are nurturing, joyful, and sustainable! This can only happen if educators themselves enjoy well-being, made possible through targeted supports, professional development, and a healthy work-life balance with a strong practice of self-care. This requires knowledge about the unique needs and abilities of day homes, which are not the same as day care. By working closely with day home agencies, government policy makers, researchers, and key stakeholders including other influential organizations and professionals, we strive to ensure that day homes receive the recognition and targeted supports needed in order to thrive. Growing a community of practice, supporting networking and professional development, and offering a place of support, nourishment, and advocacy are among our highest goals.


We value the experience of being lifelong learners, acknowledging that growth and development occur throughout the lifespan. While day homes primarily support the growth of young children, our organization supports the growth of educators and professionals who enable quality and longevity in childcare. You cannot take care of someone else unless you are caring for yourself, so our biggest value is making sure that educator needs are met, so their ability to meet children's needs can be sustained. To support this, Day Home Dreams offers targeted professional development, providing educational opportunities for educators themselves and also for those who support them: day home agencies, early childhood organizations, and policy makers. 


About Me.

As someone who ran an award-winning accredited day home for ten years, I have experienced first-hand the joys and challenges this work entails. I truly believe that running a day home can be easy and fun, if you have the right supports. My goal is to support other day home educators in their ability to offer high-quality early learning and childcare, in as many ways as possible.


Growing stronger together

to support quality and longevity in family day homes

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